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Amruta Fadnavis

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis' wife at Nawaz's Body Art in Mumbai; speaking on 25 Years of Body Art.

Sid Doshi

Body Art Thane Member

Muthurajan Pillai

Body Art Thane Member

Sayali Gudhekhar

Captain of the Indian Water Polo Team & the Maharashtra Team

Gayatri Ruia, Director of the Palladium Mall & Hotel, Mumbai

I first walked into the Body Art Studio almost 20 years ago and vividly remember coming away excited that I had experienced a world class facility within Mumbai.

I continue to patronize Body Art as I find the expertise of the instructors, the quality of the routines and the meticulous attention to detail that Nawaz brings to every aspect of the studio head and shoulders above any other program available. And needless to say, the great music, constant innovations in choreography and latest trends being incorporated constantly into workouts be it B-Boying, Trampoline, kick-boxing, or whatever else, keeps the classes current, fresh and fun, yet challenging!

Also, the flexibility of choice of class and day long options makes it easy to incorporate a workout even into a busy schedule!

Thank you everyone at Body Art!

Poonam Soni - Jewellery Designer

Body Art is a holistic place for me, with its fabulous equipment, personalized treatment and great ambience. Not prone to exercise, when I was advised to work out, I was fortunate to get professional advise from Nawaz. She suggested Pilates as a perfect workout regime for me. I started tentatively but soon I saw my muscles tone up and body get more compact, & so I became a regular and very addicted. I had more energy and I could wear all the clothes I loved. Body Art timings gave me flexibility to go anytime I wanted, and being a working woman with varying schedules I found it perfect for me. Very soon I joined the Gym as well. It was all under one roof and cardio mixed with Pilates worked wonders for my weight, inch reduction, muscle toning and also my self esteem!

I am addicted to Body Art and Nawaz's personal attention to the centre makes it so much more special!

Elina Meswani - Oil & Energy Professional

I stepped into Body Art 15 yrs ago as I had to lose my 1st post pregnancy weight. It was like an oasis in Bombay where there was hardly any fun Dance exercise classes with my kind of music.

BA focuses on correct exercise technique in a fun way (the right individual pace, BMR, right duration and variations !) The well-trained instructors are motivating, and the group energy of the BA group classes is high. You have fun, see results & just keep coming back for more.

Whenever I go to BA, my weight is perfectly in check, and I found the times I put on was when BA was missing in my life!

I also love that Nawaz has always in-depth researched and rejuvenated her work. Over the years she's always added new workouts as they come in (slide training, zumba, power yoga, kick boxing, facial fitness exercises, spinning & many more).

The classes have an important consistency & still a freshness, so you want to keep going over the years, as its feel-good time spent too.

Body Art and I have a fun relationship that even if I take a long break, I want to go back there and no where else! That's the true test eventually !

Sweta Kapadia - Principal of 'The First Steps' Preschool & Nursery

I've been a member of Body Art since the Marine Drive branch started in 2006. I work out at the Body Art workshop 3-4 times a week and that's the most de-stressful part of my day. I have always looked forward to going for a workout at Body Art as it offers different routines with a full body toning.

The instructors are very thoughtful, always taking into account the physical limitations each member is facing. They ensure each member gets a full workout irrespective of their age, size or gender .Body Art is also very accommodating for working moms as they offer a lot of flexibility with their schedule

My journey with Body Art has been enriching and I see myself travelling there more.....

Pediatrician Dr. Archana Sangekar

Who assists renowned Mumbai - based Pediatrician Dr. Balsekar.

Anshu Sarna

Body Art has been my fitness centre for 12 years now. It has been the one constant through all the different stages in my life- a new bride, a home-maker and a mother.

All the Body Art instructors are extremely professional, and knowledgeable, and this shows in their workouts. Body Art has maintained its high standards throughout all the years I have known it. They take care of their members' health issues, change their workouts to make them constantly challenging, have the latest equipment and exercises, have the latest and greatest music, good facilities (shower, lockers, valet parking, make-up classes) The best aspect is the positive atmosphere in the gym, made possible due to Nawaz, her trainers and the members. It is also complete value for money.

Shirin Batliboi

Body Art! What would I do without this perfect place to work out? 17 years of aerobics at the BA Workshop, I have never felt the need to go to any other fitness centre. The inches lost soon after the first few weeks of joining, people noticing the change, that invigorating feeling, increased confidence in myself, the fun of exercising to music, the cardio routines so well choreographed. I love BA.

Nawaz's workouts are a combination of step aerobics, which is my own personal favourite, boxercise, high/ low fusion, circuit training, body sculpting and mat pilates amongst many others – making them the best way to keep fit, and look great!

The instructors are amazing. They are well trained and friendly, courteous and approachable; there is no chance of injury because they are always looking out for us and guiding us throughout the class, slowly but surely increasing our levels of cardio and muscular endurance. There is no question of being pushed beyond one’s limit; at BA one can start at their own pace and work up. At the same time there is a discipline inculcated into you which makes sure that you go back for the next class, and then the next.

If you are persistent and want to look great, I would completely say – Join Body Art!

Rukshana Eisa - Grooming & Etiquette Expert

I have attended several fitness classes over the years but by far the most helpful & beneficial one for me has been Body Art, owned by the pioneer of fitness, Nawaz Modi Singhania. The Pilates Hub there which I joined has the latest International equipment, is extremely clean, the staff is extremely professional & the place is charmingly private. Though the workout can be challenging, it’s fun. I witnessed a positive difference in the tone of my body while my body size shrunk, that too in a short span of time. One of the first studios to open in the city, where such professionalism & perfection come together. I always find myself recommending it to my students.

Shweta Shetty - Singer

I worked out at Body Art for many years before I left for Germany and pop by even now whenever I'm in town. Nawaz & all the Instructors are very knowledgeable about fat loss, body-toning, the benefits of a proper diet, & all other aspects of fitness, & one feels very reassured that they are in good hands. I love the place, the workouts, the music & best of all the fabulous results!

Radhika Currumsey

I joined Body Art rather recently and have found a tremendous difference in myself in a short span of time. Whether it is to do with my fat loss, inch loss, increased stamina, etc- it has benefited me in every way. The trainers are very helpful and approachable. In fact, I have found that my progress has gotten far better after having heard them out and carried out what has been asked of me. After initially starting with aerobics, I was advised to take on pilates as well. The combination has worked out fantastically for me and I intend to continue. I quickly slimmed down & toned up wonderfully!

Bela Sanghrajka

It has been 11 long years that I have been associated with Body Art, and now, I can't imagine my life without it.

Body Art has helped me in building over-all health, especially my energy and stamina levels. Despite being 55 years of age, Body Art has helped me achieve the fitness of a 35-year old.

What I have always cherished & appreciated about Body Art workouts is that they are diverse, focused and very interesting. Also one doesn't need to be apprehensive about injuries during the workout. Much focus is placed on body alignment, form & technique.

I always look for & thoroughly enjoy the special classes like Swiss Ball, Slide Class, Facial Workout, Muscle Ballet, Trampoline classes, Indoor Biking, Stress Management etc.

Nawaz is an extremely approachable & loving person & a fabulous instructor. I would also like to heartily thank all the Instructors of Body Art, especially my initial ones -Aparna and Kavita, who have taken such good care of my neck problem during my workouts all the way.

This note is all praises of Body Art because it has come straight from my heart- I mean every word of it.

Dilnavaz Kelawala

At BA I have always remained fit through the years. The feel-good factor is tremendous & I really enjoy exercising there on a regular basis. The workouts have helped me increase my resistance power, general stamina, improved psychological well-being & helps me work both better & smarter. I have always found all the Instructors & staff very caring, helpful, co-operative, courteous & polite. I've also noticed that those who have left Body Art for some other Gym have always come back saying that the workouts at BA are the best.

Pankaj Sadh

My association with Body Art started 20 years ago, in November 1992. It has been a thoroughly rewarding experience as it not only helped me with my physical fitness but also proved to be a great stress buster. All the instructors knew about my physical problems and would give me personal attention by modifying the exercise routine to suit me, giving me confidence of an injury-free exercise regime. I was not a nameless face amongst the group of participants present there. Body Art helped me change my outlook towards exercise from not viewing it as a form of punishment for not being fit, but as an integral part of my daily life. The various forms of exercise routines would keep us interested. I would like to add that my journey with Body Art has been a long one but not a distant one. I am now eagerly looking forward to Aqua Aerobics as new way to achieve better fitness. I would like to thank Nawaz Modi Singhania for reinventing the face of exercise by making it an enjoyable one.

Dr. Smita Sharma, Consultant Anaesthetist Bombay Hospital, Mumbai

I have been working out at the Body Art Aerobics Workshop and Gym since 1995. I look forward every single day to go out there and exercise. The aerobic workouts are outstanding. There is no other fitness centre in Mumbai that provides such structured and well-choreographed routines. Exercise becomes an enjoyable part of the day. There is a high level of integrity with which Body Art works. I would also give it 5 stars for the hygiene level the centres maintain. On a personal note, I have become very fit and have maintained the same weight over the past 17 years. In addition my body is stronger, osteoporosis has been kept at bay and it has helped me to have a strong constitution and good immunity too. While I may have tried to go to other gyms to break the routine earlier I always returned in less than a month to Body Art. Now I don’t even try!

I thank Nawaz and the entire staff of Body Art.

Ashutosh Sharma

I love Body Art for it's unique, boutique-like experience. Very well-appointed interiors & a large variety of fitness routines found nowhere else are part of it's USP. Instructors individualize with all members, tailor-making routines to suit a person's goals, health limitations, age & lifestyle. The dietary advise is easy-to-follow but highly & quickly effective. There's something for everyone at Body Art.

Binita Shah, previous Body Art Workshop Instructor

Body Art is such a blessing to me. Since a couple of months everyday in the afternoon in between work, I had to dose off to sleep, my full body ached with soreness and bad pain. However now after I've started exercising in the Body Art Pilates Hub, I'm feeling too good, energetic, pain -free and fresh. Thanks to you Nawaz for making us aware of how important fitness is to one's life!!

Priyanjali Vaidya

My doctor advised me to join the Pilates Hub at Body Art after a back injury I suffered due to a bad fall. Post rehab & physiotherapy I needed to strengthen my back & abs & build on flexibility. At the time I was still in intense pain & discomfort, could not wear heels, had trouble with even the simplest of daily activities such as getting in & out of bed, sitting & standing, changing my clothes, etc. As a result of all this I put on about 12 kgs which worsened my back problem as a result. Being of a marriageable age, my parents were seriously concerned that I would never find a suitable match the way things were going. This was singularly the lowest point of my life. I almost felt suicidal.

Once I started my workouts at Body Art, there's been no turning back. My Trainers strengthened my mid-section, worked on my back, and focused on spinal & hamstring flexibility. I quickly lost all my excess weight & fat. So much so that I look back at the past & wonder if it was really me that ever suffered so, or was it all just a dream- rather a nightmare- I should say. I am so grateful to the whole team. A very heartfelt THANK-YOU for changing my life!!

Pinky Dalal

It was in my summer vacation that I happened to chance upon Body Art, my second home. My first day at my class was a very happy surprise as an old friend was my Instructor there. I made a whole lot of friends at Body Art who were from the same profession that I belonged to- teaching . It's my sixth year with Body Art now. Wow! A big thank-you to the entire team for everything!