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Yoga by the Bay 2018

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India's Leading Fitness and Lifestyle Icon & Founder of Body Art Fitness Centres, Nawaz Modi Singhania, in an effort to spread Health and Wellness amongst Mumbaikars at large, conducted a fun and energetic Calisthenics workout for all participants on 25 Nov, 6 am to 7 am at Marine Drive (opp. Pizza by the Bay).

Founder of the chain of Fitness centres "Body Art",Nawaz is well known as the First Lady of Fitness in India.

Body Art Fitness Centres are Botique, Bespoke Fitness centres offering a multitude of facilities like Equipment- based Pilates, Gyrotonics, Aerobics Workshops with more than 30 genres of workout routines, Gym, Aqua Aerobics, Aerial Arts Studio, Spinning Studios & more.

Having served lakhs of clients over a period of 28 years the Body Art Team and Nawaz Modi Singhania are now reaching out to the public in general with their Wellness/ Fitness Fundas.

Nawaz did a Calisthenics workout which included tightening, toning, stretching, lengthening, mobility - based and functional fitness exercises.

In an effort to spread health and wellness among Mumbaikars, she, along with 25 of her Body Art Team Trainers conducted a Calisthenics session where 1,200 -1,400 participants covered about 160 rows along the Marine Drive Promenade as a part of a CSR initiative - soaking up  goodness for the body, mind and soul. Nawaz Modi Singhania says, "The Calisthenics workout targeted height gain, waist slimming, abdominal tightening & flattening, hip & thigh slimmers and stretching out, among other things. A fab start to a fit Sunday. Who doesn't need that? - we all do!"


She further adds, "One of the main reasons I got into fitness was to help everyone look & feel their best, living their life at the highest possible standard. Making so many dreams come true makes my time in this space feel immeasurably & constantly worthwhile. It gives  me the ultimate high."