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  • Amruta Fadnavis, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis' wife at Nawaz's Body Art in Mumbai; speaking on 25 Years of Body Art.

    Hi! Congratulations to Nawaz Modi Singhania for completion of 25 years into the Body Art wellness business and she has done great job in it. Women are more toned up and shaped up… thanks to her. And this world is a beautiful place because of the presence of women. We need a lot of development in our country. So, she is taking care of this 50% crowd. I feel so proud of the work she is doing… and… keep it up Nawaz. Great!

  • Pediatrician Dr. Archana Sangekar, Who assists renowned Mumbai - based Pediatrician Dr. Balsekar.

    I have been here for 15 years… I have enjoyed working here. My day starts with Body Art. The varied routines they have make you look forward to your next day at Body Art. They have routines like Sculpt, Bench, Pilates, etc. The list goes on with new additions every now and then. All the best Body Art. I hope to come here for the next many, many years.

  • Gayatri Ruia, Director of the Palladium Mall & Hotel, Mumbai

    I first walked into the Body Art Studio almost 20 years ago and vividly remember coming away excited that I had experienced a world class facility within Mumbai.

  • Poonam Soni - Jewellery Designer

    Body Art is a holistic place for me, with its fabulous equipment, personalized treatment and great ambience. Not prone to exercise, when I was advised to work out, I was fortunate to get professional advice from Nawaz.

  • Elina Meswani - Oil & Energy Professional

    I stepped into Body Art 15 yrs ago as I had to lose my 1st post pregnancy weight. It was like an oasis in Bombay where there was hardly any fun Dance exercise classes with my kind of music.

  • Anshu Sarna

    Body Art has been my fitness centre for 12 years now. It has been the one constant through all the different stages in my life- a new bride, a home-maker and a mother.

  • Sweta Kapadia - Principal of 'The First Steps' Preschool & Nursery

    I've been a member of Body Art since the Marine Drive branch started in 2006. I work out at the Body Art workshop 3-4 times a week and that's the most de-stressful part of my day.

  • Shirin Batliboi

    Body Art! What would I do without this perfect place to work out? 17 years of aerobics at the BA Workshop, I have never felt the need to go to any other fitness centre.

  • Rukshana Eisa - Grooming & Etiquette Expert

    I have attended several fitness classes over the years but by far the most helpful & beneficial one for me has been Body Art, owned by the pioneer of fitness, Nawaz Modi Singhania.

  • Shweta Shetty - Singer

    I worked out at Body Art for many years before I left for Germany and pop by even now whenever I'm in town.

  • Radhika Currumsey

    I joined Body Art rather recently and have found a tremendous difference in myself in a short span of time.

  • Bela Sanghrajka

    It has been 11 long years that I have been associated with Body Art, and now, I can't imagine my life without it.

  • Dilnavaz Kelawala

    At BA I have always remained fit through the years. The feel-good factor is tremendous & I really enjoy exercising there on a regular basis.

  • Pankaj Sadh

    My association with Body Art started 20 years ago, in November 1992. It has been a thoroughly rewarding experience as it not only helped me with my physical fitness but also proved to be a great stress buster.

  • Dr. Smita Sharma, Consultant Anaesthetist Bombay Hospital, Mumbai

    I have been working out at the Body Art Aerobics Workshop and Gym since 1995. I look forward every single day to go out there and exercise. The aerobic workouts are outstanding.

  • Ashutosh Sharma

    I love Body Art for it's unique, boutique-like experience. Very well-appointed interiors & a large variety of fitness routines found nowhere else are part of it's USP.

  • Binita Shah , previous Body Art Workshop Instructor

    Body Art is such a blessing to me. Since a couple of months everyday in the afternoon in between work, I had to dose off to sleep, my full body ached with soreness and bad pain. However now after I've started exercising in the Body Art Pilates Hub, I'm feeling too good, energetic, pain -free and fresh. Thanks to you Nawaz for making us aware of how important fitness is to one's life!!

  • Priyanjali Vaidya

    My doctor advised me to join the Pilates Hub at Body Art after a back injury I suffered due to a bad fall. Post rehab & physiotherapy I needed to strengthen my back & abs & build on flexibility.

  • Pinky Dalal

    It was in my summer vacation that I happened to chance upon Body Art, my second home. My first day at my class was a very happy surprise as an old friend was my Instructor there.